Terms and Conditions

Trading Terms & Conditions

  1. Interpretation
    • Plastic Trade Frames (“PTF”) is a trading name of Frames Conservatories Direct Ltd.
    • The Contract/Sales Order is between Plastic Trade Frames and the Customer for the supply of Goods and/or Services in accordance with these Conditions.
    • The Customer is the person or firm who purchases the Goods and/or Services from Plastic Trade Frames (“You” and/or “Your”).
    • Goods (Products) as set out in the Contract/Sales Order.
    • Services generally refers to the Survey and / or Installation of Goods supplied by PTF.
    • Lead Times are the estimated time for the completion of the Goods and / or Services or delivery of the Goods sold under the terms of the Contract/Sales Order.
    • The Property Owner is the owner from time to time of the Property into which the Goods are installed, whether as part of PTF Services or by the Customer (You).
    • The Service is the installation or survey services supplied by Plastic Trade Frames to the Customer as set out in the Contract/Sales Order.


  1. Validation
    • All quotations are valid for 60 days unless it is for Aluminium products, all accepted quotes for Aluminium products will be subject to verification of the price at such time the order is signed off with the Goods supplier.
  2. General Terms
    • The Contract/Sales Order is between PTF and the You and not the Property owner
    • No Contract/Sales Order shall be deemed to be accepted until PTF receives signed confirmation of the Quotation accepting the specification as set out in the Quotation by You, at which point a Contract shall come into existence.
    • Unless prior written terms have been agreed, the following payment terms are to be adopted when the order is placed. Full payment for contracts under £500. For contracts in excess of £500 then 50% or £500 deposit (whichever is greater) will need to be received by PTF before commencement of the Contract/Sales Order.
    • These terms and conditions apply to all quotations and offers for the supply of all Goods and/or Services entered into between PTF and You. They may only be amended in writing by the managing director of PTF. Therefore, unless specifically otherwise agreed and confirmed as above these terms and conditions of sale shall apply to the Contract to the exclusion of any other terms that You seek to impose or incorporate, or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing.
    • If any additions or amendments to these terms and conditions are made, they will be agreed in writing with You.
    • You have deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions as per clause 3.3 above


  1. Supply Only Terms
    • The Goods will be supplied as per the specification You provided for the Quotation. No liability will be provided by PTF for incorrect Goods which are supplied as per the Quotation. Therefore, it is very important You check the specifications provided in the Quotation and Sales Order Confirmation as being correct.
    • If PTF has surveyed and measured for the Goods, then PTF accepts responsibility for any accuracy of the dimensions only. PTF does not accept responsibility for any other aspects of the specification detailed in the Quotation and Sales Order. Therefore, it is very important You check the specifications provided in the Quotation and Sales Order Confirmation as being correct.
    • You are responsible for ensuring Goods supplied conform to Building and Health and Safety Regulations unless requested in the Specification You provided at the time of Quotation.
    • The invoice date for payment will be the supply date. Unless prior account terms have been set up, all invoices will require payment in full upon delivery or collection.


  1. Supply & Service (Installation) Terms
    • Contracts/Sales Orders will be subject to a full site survey to confirm dimensions and specification with You.
    • A suitable and responsible representative must be onsite to sign-off the survey and thereby agree the dimensions and specification.
    • Dimension changes to the Goods following the PTF survey:
      • If PTF provided the initial measurements, any changes found on survey will be honoured by PTF.
      • For measurements provided by You, either measured or off plans, the Contract/Sales order will be subject to review for re-pricing. Changes to pricing will generally only be made if the dimensions of any Goods have increased/decreased by more than 5%.
    • All specification changes to the Goods following the PTF survey will be subject to a Contract/Sales Order review and as such, confirmed back to you prior to further commencement of the Contract/Sales Order. In such cases this may include a change to the agreed price (increase or decrease) which will need to be agreed.
    • If You have provided the specification and dimensions and wish us to proceed without survey, You accept full responsibility for the accuracy of the dimensions and specification.
    • As part of the PTF Survey, the following will be confirmed and agreed:
      • All aspects of Health & Safety
      • Ascertain who is the principle contractor and who holds the CDM (if applicable)
      • Installation instructions, such as; removal of tape (where tape will remain and where to be removed), trimming, silicon colour & finish, the cleaning of frames, position of frames in brickwork
      • The estimated installation start date and the required number of installation days (or part thereof)
    • The Contract/Sales Order will confirm the number of days PTF has allowed for the Installation of the Goods. This is confirmed on survey (see clause 4.6.4 above). If the actual installation time increases due to events caused by You, PTF reserves the right to charge You for subsequent days required, charged at £832 per installation day (or part thereof).
    • Any additional installation time will be agreed in advance of PTF revisiting.
    • Prior to the installation, you MUST ensure:
      • The site is ready on the agreed date,
      • There is to be NO scaffolding in front of opening doors, apertures or window openings.
      • Floors are finished with no open joists and there’s clear access to the property.
      • NO other trades are working which will result in delaying our installation or cause a Health & Safety hazard.
    • If the site is not ready additional costs will be applied. Due to the nature of our business and the lead time required, additional charges of £832 per lost day if the site/property is not ready or not safe for us to complete our installation work. The minimum notice to be given for a site that is not ready to accept our installation services is 3 weeks
    • CIS: All of our installers are fully employed by Frames Conservatories Direct Ltd and are paid on a PAYE Basis. Therefore, You do not need to hold back CIS payments. Frames Conservatories Direct accept full responsibility for compliance with CIS regulations.
    • Invoices will be dated on the first day of installation and any agreed terms start from that date.
    • Building Control; where required PTF will register the Installation with Building Control as part of our service. PTF will only be required to register if PTF are fitting notifiable replacement products into residential domestic dwellings and the property is not already under a building control inspection regime. PTF will endeavour to confirm this with You during the Contract or Survey process but will not be held liable if the installation is not registered.


  1. Guarantees
    • All Goods & Services will be warranted by PTF for 5 Years unless otherwise stated, from the date of supply or PTF installation.
    • The guarantee remains with You and not the property owner. Any subsequent claims under the warranty must be made by You to PTF and not the property owner.
    • For Goods supplied our liability is only for the replacement of the Product(s) and not for any other associated costs.


  1. Glass
    • As per the guidelines set out within the GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) Quality of Vision guide, minor imperfections contained within glass are deemed acceptable if not seen within of 2m in normal light and view at 90 degrees.
  2. UPVc
    • It should be noted that UPVc is a soft skinned product that undergoes machine and manual handling during the process of manufacturing into windows and doors. Minor blemishes are deemed to be acceptable
  3. Snagging
    • During the course of supplying installation services, it may become apparent that minor remedial snagging will need to be undertaken. PTF assures that it will maintain it’s best endeavours to rectify and snagging issues in a swift and timely manner. The occurrence of any snagging issues are not to be used to withhold payment.
  4. Payment Methods
    • Bacs details are:- Sort Code 20 74 05 Account No 101 248 26
    • Cheques payable to:- Plastic Trade Frames
    • Card Credit and Debit by phone to:- 01284 703695
  5. End

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