Westley School

Westley School, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

The Westley school project is one of our largest projects undertaken to date in the education sector, spanning some 4 years we have systematically worked our way around the school replacing sections of the glazing and hoardings piece by piece.

One of the key factors of this project was to bring the schools glazing up to a modern specification, so we could provide a comfortable environment for the students to learn in.

Westley school before the modernisation
Old windows before the refit
Westley school after the modernisation
New windows and colour scheme
Westley school during the work
During a small section of the work
Westley school a more welcoming entrance
A very welcoming entrance to the school

Working around school holidays, half term and full term breaks, we have managed to keep the school almost fully operational during the project. No mean feat, when you consider the level of demolition required to replace each section.


Demolition required to fit each section

The Headteacher very kindly put his thoughts in to words and wrote the testimonial below.


Testimonial from Westley school headmaster

Westley School now have a comfortable environment where the students can learn in comfort, and the bursar can look forward to significantly reduced energy bills.


If you are considering a school project in the future, please feel free to get in touch with our commercial team.

Berkhamstead School

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Berkhamsted,

Working along side Thameside Roofing Ltd The project involved removing an old flat roof that was un insulated. Thameside removed the old roof deck and replaced it with a high performance fully insulted roof.

We were involved as the primary roof deck supported a raised section which was glazed in normal single glazing, inefficient and due to the raised primary deck, the old windows were now too tall.



Old roof with windows.

New roof and windows.

The new Aluminium windows now feature high performance solar reflecting, energy saving glazing with ‘teleflex’ handles so they can be opened from floor level should they need some ventilation.

We carried out the work during the weekends to avoid disrupting school time, with the old windows being removed on one Saturday and the new ones fitted over a long weekend.

St Thomas More School now have a brand new fully insulated primary flat roof deck with a raised section incorporating some very efficient energy saving windows and hopefully now the children of the school can learn in comfort without being too hot or too cold.




New Trade Counter Open for Business

Picture of the new trade counter

New Trade Counter

Our new Trade Counter for windows and doors is open and ready for you to use, you can bring your own customers in to see the products you are intending to supply them in a comfortable showroom like experience. We have an area set aside for consumer brochures where you can call in and restock on the brochures you have given out during the week. Plus there is always a kettle on!


A new regulation relating to new builds only comes into force on 1 October 2015*.

The regulation focuses on security and states that ‘reasonable provision but be made to resist unauthorised access to any dwelling and any part of a building from which access can be gained, for
example, to a flat within a building’.
What it actually means… Document Q

All doors and ground floor accessible windows must be Secured By Design or PAS 24 security tested (and that means the entire window or door including profiles, hinges etc). The door must either have a door viewer or be clear glass and all glass (window and door) must be laminated. The letterbox of a door must be no larger than 260mm x 40mm and have an internal flap fitted and there must be a security chain or bar fitted.

Accredited Suppliers

For your supply chain you will need to buy from an accredited supplier or fabricator. It is them which must be accredited, not you.

Plastic Trade Frames is an accredited supplier

You can access the full regulatory document here document q

To get a quote on your new build, Secured By Design, windows and doors - call today.
*It doesn’t apply to work started before 1 October 2015 or work subject to building notice, full plans application or initial notice submitted before that date provided the work is started on site by 1 October 2016.