St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Berkhamsted,

Working along side Thameside Roofing Ltd The project involved removing an old flat roof that was un insulated. Thameside removed the old roof deck and replaced it with a high performance fully insulted roof.

We were involved as the primary roof deck supported a raised section which was glazed in normal single glazing, inefficient and due to the raised primary deck, the old windows were now too tall.



Old roof with windows.

New roof and windows.

The new Aluminium windows now feature high performance solar reflecting, energy saving glazing with ‘teleflex’ handles so they can be opened from floor level should they need some ventilation.

We carried out the work during the weekends to avoid disrupting school time, with the old windows being removed on one Saturday and the new ones fitted over a long weekend.

St Thomas More School now have a brand new fully insulated primary flat roof deck with a raised section incorporating some very efficient energy saving windows and hopefully now the children of the school can learn in comfort without being too hot or too cold.




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